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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


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omg! jon johnson of manhunt..he's sooooooooooooooooooo hot..and cute!! i really love him! too bad my other favorite hunter got eliminated! cryer! hehe..but it's ok..i like jon more! (b..bawal selos!Ü) anyways, got some spoilers here..EPISODE 8 RECAP (for those who are manhunt fanatics...hehehe..) just highlight the text below. do not highlight if you do not wish to know the winnerÜ

EPISODE 8: AND MERICA'S MOST GORGEOUS MALE MODEL IS... On the ground in New York, the guys visit the city's top sights, and then get the royal treatment at the world famous Carnegie Deli. One giant sandwich later, they arrive at the hotel to find their wardrobe for tomorrow's shoot: three empty boxes. For Jon, it's his toughest challenge so far. But first, there's time for a surprise reunion with other members of the top ten, including Paulo, Jason, Matt and Kevin O. With everyone assembled and spirits high, Kevin P. drops a bombshell, admitting that he's been a double agent all along. All are stunned, but Rob is also elated: he's just gone from "top three" to "top two." Kevin has revealed his true self, but now our two finalists must reveal everything in their nude photo shoot. Jon balks at going bare, and seems prepared to walk off, ceding the $100,000 prize to Rob. A look at photographer Karl Simone's previous work provides some reassurance, a phone call from Bruce offers a little more. Rob shoots his photos efficiently and without incident, and when Jon's turn arrives he pushes his doubts aside and strikes a pose. After an interview at IMG Models, the guys line up alongside all their images for a final, comprehensive judging. Rob is commended for wearing clothing well, but is faulted for a less-than-desirable high forehead. Jon gets knocked for his height and perceived lack of drive, but is credited with a near-perfect gallery. With the judges and their fellow competitors on hand, Carmen announces the winner of this close-fought contest: Jon Johnson.


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