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Friday, April 15, 2005


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GRABE!!!! waahhhhh!!! i'm crazzzzzy in-love with constantine maroulis of a.i.!!! weheheheÜ pero shempre i'm in-love with andoy more..hehe! God! he's soooooooooooper doooooooooper HOT! HOT! HOT! especially whenever he whispers "call me..." with matching hand gesture and pouting lips...waaaaahhhhhhh!!!! as in! sobra na to! galing pa nya..i love his voice..i love his style! i love his face! i'm sooooo sure he'll be at the finals...hayyy! vote for him!!
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T'was my interview last monday at ideal minds corp. for my ojt...grabe! i got in! thank you Lord! yun nga lang my slot is for june pa..but..2 days after.. I.M.C. called and thank God (again!) i'll start my practicum na daw on April 24. napaaga..grabe! after weeks of searching for an ojt site..at last! meron narin! taxi daw show ko..i think it's a new show..kabado ako..as in! sana maging ok lahat..pray for moi guys..Ü ciao!


Anonymous gem said...

he really rocks sis! love ko rin yan! it's nice to see you again u pretty baby!

7:24 PM  

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