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Saturday, April 30, 2005


huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu!!! can't take it...why constantine?! why? oh! why?!!! waaaahhhh!! i feel really bad..sooo bad! last week si anwar..and this week si constantine naman?! what the?!? hayyy...=c i just hope and pray na they (a.i.) would come up with a wild card churva para naman constantine can prove america na he has what it takes to be an american idol. hay! injustice ito! shyer pa sa office ksi when ryan seacrest announced na constantine didn't make it mega iyak ako (esp. when i saw paula abdul cry her heart out) and everyone looked at me..shyer. hmp! exagge na kung exagge. .keber!

i'm a really big fan of boys II men since elementary days and watching them perform live, as in harapan, is a cherry on the top of my star gazing week (hehe!) ...hay! super saya and overwhelming talaga. i am really thankful to tiffany daryl, our lady flower, who made this all possible. kung hindi sha nagpakapal ng face kay ate lyn hindi namin makukuha ang 5 pcs. na worth P2500 na ticket for free..thanks flower, love ya! kahit na we had a hard time going home to the dorm after the concert and mas matagal pa ang mga front act kesa sa boys II men..it's all good! worth it! we love you SEAN!! ÜÜÜ

Saturday, April 23, 2005

first timer..(baloney!)

hayyy! just got home from my qc dorm..grabe this is the first time na nagdorm ako so i'm not really used of waking up in the morning not being in my "pillow-full" bed beside my 2002 ADMU BLUE EAGLES CHAMPIONSHIP POSTER (ahihi..) ..although i love sleeping over at friends house..pero "namamahay" ako kahit na super comfy naman yung room and yung bed..actually i love the entire building naman..ganda and convenient yung place (super lapit lang sa gma, where i work for my internship..thank GodÜ) plus it has pasta galore (yum!Ü) down stairs..ewan ko ba..oh well! sanayan lang siguro. tinatamad na ko mag-type..ahihihi!!! check out nalang my PhotoImpression products..hehe. gtg..ciao!

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Friday, April 15, 2005


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GRABE!!!! waahhhhh!!! i'm crazzzzzy in-love with constantine maroulis of a.i.!!! weheheheÜ pero shempre i'm in-love with andoy more..hehe! God! he's soooooooooooper doooooooooper HOT! HOT! HOT! especially whenever he whispers "call me..." with matching hand gesture and pouting lips...waaaaahhhhhhh!!!! as in! sobra na to! galing pa nya..i love his voice..i love his style! i love his face! i'm sooooo sure he'll be at the finals...hayyy! vote for him!!
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T'was my interview last monday at ideal minds corp. for my ojt...grabe! i got in! thank you Lord! yun nga lang my slot is for june pa..but..2 days after.. I.M.C. called and thank God (again!) i'll start my practicum na daw on April 24. napaaga..grabe! after weeks of searching for an ojt site..at last! meron narin! taxi daw show ko..i think it's a new show..kabado ako..as in! sana maging ok lahat..pray for moi guys..Ü ciao!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005




more QUIZILLA...enjoy!Ü

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